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Automatic Gates Wiring 

The pre-wiring of any automatic gate system is critical.  We suggest that you talk to one of our qualified personnel if you are arranging your own pre-wiring with a view to install automatic gates and/or communication systems.

Generally all our standard domestic and commercial systems will run off 230v mains voltage.  Most operators draw extremely low amounts of current making voltage drop minimal, however with any electrical appliance, voltage drop calculations over long distances must be correctly calculated by a qualified electrician to ensure safety and workable systems are installed.  Please do not hesitate to contact us as we offer pre-wiring installation services by registered electricians.

Generally at the same time as mains cable being installed, most installations will require some sort of multi-core low voltage cabling to facilitate such things as audio intercom systems and/or the ability to activate gates via push-buttons within the dwelling.  In most cases a 0.2mm 8 core standard non-screen alarm cable will suffice to run an audio intercom system - however if you are considering running Aiphone’s video systems, a .75 - 1mm twin non-twisted TPS or speaker flex cable needs to be added to that to run video.

In all situations low voltage cabling legally must be separate from mains power, preferably in their own high impact resistant plastic conduit.

Automatic Gates Ltd can supply comprehensive wiring diagrams for most specific installations.  We strongly recommend you contact us before you start your project.

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