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Domestic Gates

Most common installations for domestic gate automation will be either double swing gates automated, single swing gate (one single gate covering the full driveway access) and automated sliding gates.  The final choice may vary between these three options subject to the physical layout of property etc. For example, if car parking was desired in very close proximity to gate entrance on inside of property - because of the larger swing of a single swing gate, this may not be a good option in comparison to a sliding gate which allows vehicles to park directly behind the gate boundary. However with a sliding gate, it is obvious that a sufficient amount of room is available beside the driveway for the gate to slide into the open position.  All three set-ups have their advantages and disadvantages but generally the key advantages are as follows:

Double swing gates provide a more “classy” feel as they open and generally the opening time is lessened as there are two gates opening together.  

Single swing gates is usually the most economical option to automate as you are only installing one drive mechanism on the system.


Sliding gates have the advantage of taking up the minimal amount of space when opening


To help you choose:

The desire for gate automation always varies between simple convenience and the security aspect.  Most people have a need somewhere in between.

Generally if it is purely convenience that you desire and in addition to your driveway gate you have alternative pedestrian access which will remain accessible at all times - there would be no need to consider intercom communication systems at gate.  However if you are considering a more secure perimeter set-up and as automatic gates are locked once closed, you will need to ask the obvious question - “How do visitors get our attention if they come to visit?”

At this point most people will choose a simple audio intercom system that features a call station at gate with an intercom handset in the house that chimes when activated.  This allows two way communication and the ability to release the gate/s from inside the house.  (See Communication Systems).


All of AGL’s automatic gate systems have the ability to interface remote controls into existing automatic garage doors 

This is achieved by installing a compatible radio receiver to existing garage door operator/s to allow the supply of remote controls with buttons to open the various gates and doors.  The most common system is for a two-channel remote control with one button to open gate and the second button to open garage door.  Our standard systems can facilitate up to three automatic garage doors with additional designer systems available if needed.


All standard automation systems are installed with two remote controls (systems can facilitate any amount of remote controls) and usually in addition to remotes and intercom in a secured automatic gate installation, most clients would opt for a numeric keypad at gate as well.  This allows close friends and family, housekeepers, gardeners etc to access property via a PIN number.  All of AGL’s numeric keypads have the ability for the owner to select, install and delete PIN numbers as needed to retain maximum security and convenience.  


In summary, clients needs usually all differ and as AUTOMATIC GATES LTD is an automation specialist company - we will gladly assist in your layout concept and design.  Probably the biggest question to ask yourself when installing an automatic gate system, is “How will others access the property or gain our attention once the automatic gate system in installed?”


Please contact us should you have any queries on the above and we will gladly assist in helping you choose best options for your automatic gate system.

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