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Communication Systems

Automatic Gates Ltd offers a full range of communication systems to provide both security and convenience.  Systems span the range of applications to cover residential, residential apartment systems, commercial and industrial.

Audio Intercom (voice only)

The most common systems used are audio intercoms which feature  call station/s at gate/s, with the option of intercom handsets in house/ office/ factory with the ability to provide two-way communication to gate with the ability to release gates from in the building off the same intercom at the press of a button.

If multiple handsets are installed – the system also doubles as an ‘in house’ intercom enabling room to room calling and communication.

Automatic Gates Ltd utilises the un- matched quality of the Japanese AIPHONE systems which offer a complete range for every application.

Contact us for further information or technical data.

Video intercom (voice & visual)

Automatic Gates Ltd also offers a full range of quality video intercom systems and property surveillance units. All systems can be integrated to automatic gates and/or alarm systems.

The main advantage of video systems is that you have the advantage of seeing who is at the gate before  you respond - without caller knowing you are present. Once the system is activated via the pushbutton camera call station at gate – the handset/ monitor will chime to alert you to caller present and then immediately bring up person on the compact video monitor. You then have the choice of ignoring call, speaking through voice intercom handset and then of course permitting access by opening gates from pushbutton on monitor.

If the call is unanswered, the monitor will automatically shut off after a few minutes. This is the ultimate in security monitoring. Models are continually being refined with some units now capable of recording images of visitors while you were out!

Night monitoring is no problem as the camera unit omits infra-red light (black light) to enable the subject to be viewed almost in total pitch black conditions. A great feature if street lighting is poor or non- existent!  

Contact us for further information or technical data.

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